Our Mission is to meet the health and wellness needs of the working uninsured population in our community.  We will provide compassionate and comprehensive care with dignity and respect which is the reasonable expectation of all human beings.

Who We Are

We are a volunteer-based facility providing health care for the working uninsured. We provide quality, free health care and preventative medical services in a caring environment to the working uninsured in Volusia County and the greater Daytona Beach area. The facility is not an emergency room or a walk-in clinic, but an appointment only primary care facility. Patients will have to meet certain criteria. We are an initiative of the Daytona Beach Vision Foundation and are in partnership with Halifax Hospital, Florida Hospital, Bethune Cookman University, the Volusia County Health Department and other community health organizations. Widespread community support has included medical equipment and service.  


Quality medical care begins with skilled, experienced and caring professionals. Our patients are taken care of by a number of retired and actively practicing physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and nurses in our community. 

Our nation's current economic state has made our mission more important than ever, with more people losing health insurance. We want our community to be as healthy as possible so they can enjoy their lives, take care of their families and go to work. We are able to manage our patients conditions while keeping them out of expensive emergency rooms and urgent care facilities.

About Volunteers in Medicine

Volunteers in Medicine (VIM) is the only national nonprofit dedicated to building a network of sustainable free primary health care clinics for the working uninsured in local communities. As of August 2015, there are 96 clinics in the VIM Alliance and six currently operating in Florida; Daytona Beach will be the seventh in the state of Florida. These clinics each operate through the generosity of volunteers, donations, and local contributions.

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A Culture of Caring

Our facility practices the “Culture of Caring” is a two-part philosophy. The first is the belief that healing begins when you greet a person at the door, invite him or her in, take an interest in the life of the person and give them some of the dignity and respect that often has not been shown elsewhere in that life. The second part of the “Culture of Caring” is the belief that the greatest healing does not go to the people who come to the Facility to receive care but, rather, to the volunteers who go there to give it.